• Sophie Oh my god so Maisie and I can not look Iwan in the eye anymore
  • Maisie: Oh my god yeah, should we tell them?
  • Sophie: So Maisie and I we always have these sleepovers in our hotel and um (laughs)
  • Maisie: oh my god
  • Sophie: I don't know, I'd done like goth emo make up on Maisie and Maisie had done like fake tattoos all over-oh and I was a vampire and I had like blood dripping from my mouth and we were gonna go to my mum's floor and scare her, and knock on the door and scare her and the lift just went all the way to the bottom
  • Maisie: because we'd hung around too long, instead of pressing the buttons straight away we waited too long and then it went down to the ground floor
  • Sophie: and Iwan, no it wasn't just Iwan it was like the writer Vanessa Taylor (Maisie and Sophie both laugh)
  • Maisie: it was so embarassing because the door opened and we're in our pajamas as well and Iwan was like "uh hi girls" and we were like "oh my god"
  • Sophie: and they let us go back up they didn't even get in the lift
  • Maisie: and the door just slowly closed and we went back up to the top
  • Sophie: we can never look him in the eye again


Sophie Turner saying she looks up to Lena Headey and that she respects her as a person and all she goes through literally made my day.


Gwendoline Christie describing being accosted by a fangirl dental hygienist mid-root canal.

"They had my mouth held open and the drills all ready and then the dentist left the room and the nurse turned to me and said NOW TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS IN GAME OF THRONES and I was like "eeeeauhh??"



Maisie Williams thinks that you should have a problem with Arya Stark poking people through the throat with a sword. “That’s not something a 12-year-old should be doing! This is not a world she should be living in. We think it’s kickass, and it is, but it’s also wrong!”


Recap (x x x x x x) Some tweets:

“I was rolling around a carpeted floor like a lunatic.” Benedict Cumberbatch on his mo-cap work for

's Benedict Cumberbatch loves doing motion capture acting bc you're “free to make a complete fool of yourself”


Writer Philippa Boyens is dropping and trivia bits. Meanwhile, the words “Benedict” “Cumberbatch" cause screams

Andy Serkis to - “just make sure to not get carpet burns, really.”

Just saw the teaser trailer for Battle Of The Five Armies, featuring a shot of Smaug laying waste to Laketown.

Benedict Cumberbatch just said ‘button lady’ in his Smaug voice to a lady wearing, well, lots of buttons. We didn’t know he takes requests.

Cumberbatch just asked if he touched the wolf’s sharp penis! is the best!

Watching a Q&A with the hobbit animation supervisor and he says the opening of the movie will be an exciting opening sequence with Smaug

Benedict giggles when ever the word ‘penis’ is spoken. Such a child….


saw a model of a LOTR wolf with a pointy penis.  : “How did you know? Did you touch it?”

Where would you take your character at Comic-Con? “Hall H. I don’t think I’d fit anywhere else.” - Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch at San Diego Comic-Con 2014


Button ladyyy

"For me to be in love with someone means that I have to accept who I am, and not allow another person to define me. And if someone loves me in spite of all that, then that’s a start."

Hayley Williams. (via -havefaithimme-)


          Lee Min Ho’s reaction to Shinhye’s interview about the kiss (x).